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Location: E2 Kas Valley Estate, Oyibi, Accra
Address:  P. O Box  KW376 Kwabenya, Accra
Tel: +233 54 799 1911 +233 55 378 6600

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Why choose us ?!

  • 1
    We offer improved English Language proficiency skills and adhere to quality standards in teaching and learning English.
  • 2
    We develop skill sets that allow our learners to undertake a greater variety of work in ICT.
  • 3We improve our learners’ ability to implement their language proficiency skills through our weekly seminars and debates.
  • 4We offer very conducive learning environment in a serene location that affects the ability to respond to effective teaching and learning.
  • 5We are sociable and cross cultural. This nurtures the good relationships among our multi-cultural learners and also leads to effective learning of English language through social interaction.
  • 6Sports is a priority to good health and a sound mind. At CMC our learners get all the best opportunities in sports development.
  • 7We are affiliated to reputable institutions and Universities who access and validate our programmes.
  • 8We liaise with parents and sponsors of our learners to ensure the best opportunities whilst learners stay at CMC
  • 9Our learners get internship opportunities
  • 10Some learners engage in on-sight jobs when opportunities arise in our Centre and other companies who do businesses with us.


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What trainees say ?!

Capacity Management Centre offers prospective learners the best course modules to build confidence and efficiency of learners. Apply for any of our course modules today to enhance employability at the job market or efficiency at work.!
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  • homeP. O Box  KW376 Kwabenya, Accra
  • phone+233 54 799 1911 +233 55 378 6600 (8:30 - 18:30)
  • mapE2 Kas Valley Estate, Oyibi, Accra

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